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Two In One Goes - Various - Disraeli Years (CD)

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  1. Shakagul
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  2. Nejar
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  4. Neshakar
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  5. Goltizahn
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  6. Arashigami
    Sep 23,  · I love love love the song collection bar one that uses a Caribbean cuss word repetitively. I tend to skip that one when it comes on in the car. Have played the CD several times since it arrived and again today while driving to the shops via deserted roads (the Corona effect/ lockdown) Playing it made everything feel normal and refreshing/5(18).
  7. Faecage
    Spanning 90 tracks in more than five hours, Disraeli Years (its title and cover illustration deliberately and deceptively evoking Cream's Disraeli Gears album, to which it otherwise has no relationship) combines two previously released various-artists albums, Daytrippers and Sixties Apocalypse.
  8. Tut
    Apr 22,  · Here's what I do in this situation: 1). Select all the tracks for CD 1 and select Get Info from the File menu in iTunes. 2). Change the name of the album to exactly the same thing: For instance, if it says "Great Songs of the 70's Disc 1" change i.

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