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8 comments on “ Satisfied

  1. Samusida
    satisfied meaning, definition, what is satisfied: feeling that something is as good as it : Learn more.
  2. Tygokasa
    Synonyms & Antonyms of satisfied (Entry 2 of 2) 1 to put a complete end to (a physical need or desire) the players satisfied their hunger after the game with a big pasta dinner.
  3. Doubar
    SEE SYNONYMS FOR satisfy ON nispaiponbestbacrovorkoelectpuddiarhen.coinfo verb (used with object), sat·is·fied, sat·is·fy·ing. to fulfill the desires, expectations, needs, or demands of (a person, the mind, etc.); give full contentment to: The hearty meal satisfied him.
  4. Moogulrajas
    There's no denying that Taylor Dayne sounds older on Satisfied, her first album in a decade -- that maturity is especially apparent as her music remains tied to her late-'80s heyday, as it's almost all big, bright productions that sound more than As it turns out, that evident maturity winds up benefiting Dayne tremendously: by not chasing trends, she sounds as if she's deepening 7/
  5. Kigarisar
    satisfied If you are satisfied with something, you are pleased with it, because it is what you wanted. Children at this age are satisfied with simple answers. Are you satisfied with the pay structure in .
  6. Tojarisar
    Satisfied Satisfied is the 11th song of Act One of Hamilton. Angelica Schuyler realizes that though she pushed away her feelings for Alexander for the sake of her sister, she will never be satisfied or find a way to make her desire for what she cannot have nispaiponbestbacrovorkoelectpuddiarhen.coinfo: Broadway Cast Recording.
  7. Zujas
    When something is satisfied, the requirements have been met and nothing more needs to be done. When you pay back the money you owe on a loan, you have satisfied the debt. If you just had a delicious meal, your hunger is probably satisfied.
  8. Faushicage
    satisfied definition: Satisfied is defined as contented or fulfilled. (adjective) If you've just eaten a delicious meal and are full, this is an example of when your appetite issatisfied.

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