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Keep That Same Old Feeling (Drums & Bass & Vocals) - Side Effect - Keep That Same Old Feeling (Vinyl)

9 comments on “ Keep That Same Old Feeling (Drums & Bass & Vocals) - Side Effect - Keep That Same Old Feeling (Vinyl)

  1. Shaktikora
    Dec 19,  · The preamp with EQ mode worked great, but it is especially cool if you play a passive bass – it provides the sounds of an active bass with three bands of quasi-parametric EQ (hence the “para” part of the name). All three bands (bass: 30hz, midrange: hz, treble: khz) have 12 db of cut and boost for plenty of tone shaping.
  2. Gara
    I'm a bass player, too. I won't argue for bass as opposed to other instruments, and drumming must be great fun, too, but I think I do know why I picked that instrument. At least I know why I like it so much: As the bass player you link many aspec.
  3. Mekus
    Jul 20,  · 1. highlight (select) the parts of the music you like to remove. E.g. the voice or guitar when they're alone and there's a break in the drums/bass. 2. noise removal -> get noise profile 3. select all, then noise removal again.
  4. Goltikus
    That’s the bass sound. If you wonder how I did the drum sequence, here’s a quick walkthrough: The kick, snare and crash samples are from Vengeance Ultimate Dubstep Vol 1 sample pack and shakers, hihats and ‘little snares’ are from BHK Drum & Bass Rough Connections Vol 3; .
  5. Daikus
    Sep 11,  · From my own experience, playing bass and singing used to feel sort of like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. Once you get used to doing two different things, it gets easier. I always liked the challenge of playing a nice walking bass line and singing.
  6. Arashimuro
    Jul 30,  · Bass Guitar is very hard to mix. It is always the main reason why the mix sounds either dull, thin or mud. The major problem is that all instruments have bass frequencies, but not so heavy as bass guitar and a kick drum. In a mix, all instruments are played together and the primary problem [ ].
  7. Kizilkree
    Sometimes it's just the color of the case, the branding (Bass Fuzz XB instead of just Fuzz X28), and the marketing ("As seen in Bass Magazine!").If it goes beyond that, well obviously bass effects are designed to handle a wider range of frequencies, especially those below the normal range of a guitar.
  8. Dashakar
    Compression: With claps, same as with kicks, snares and other drums, we set the attack time of the compressor to occur right after the attack time of the clap to enhance the punch of the nispaiponbestbacrovorkoelectpuddiarhen.coinfo is often somewhere between 6 and 20 milliseconds. The release time can be short, somewhere between 20 and milliseconds often sounds great.
  9. Yogul
    May 26,  · So far I'm suggesting to keep the bass and kick drum centered with no panning, with the goal being to distribute the energy load across the two speakers evenly. I'm also saying not to use reverb in order to maintain as much clarity as possible in the low-end, which you'd roll most off of using EQ on the reverb bus anyways.

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